Chicken Chop suey

IngredientsMarinate the chicken with all ingredients and leave it for 30 minutes.Chicken Bonless 250 grams(cut in thin slices)Chili sauce or Hot pepper sauce 1 tbspLemon Juice 2 tbspWorcester sauce 1 tbspPaprika Powder 1/2 tspGinger 1 tsp(chopped)Ga .... View more

Chicken Masala Rice

ingredientsBoil the rice in stock or water, drain the water, add oil and spread on kitchen Napkins.Rice 2 cupssalt 1 tspoil 1 tbspVinegar 1 tspBay leaves 3-4Chicken boiled 150 gramsGreen peas 1/2 cupCabbage 1/2 cupCarrot 1/4 cup(Finely chopped)Green .... View more

Peanut Fried Chicken

Ingredients For Chicken MarinationChicken boneless 250 gramsGinger 1 tsp(chopped)Garlic 1 tsp(chopped & saute in 4 tbsp cooking oil)Green chillies 2-3(Fine chopped)Chili Garlic Sauce 1/2 tspSalt 1/2 tsp to tastePeanuts roasted and ground 1 t .... View more

Chicken & Veggie Spicy Spaghettis

Ingredients For chicken MarinationChicken boneless in strips 250 gramsVinegar 1 tbspSoya sauce 1 tbspSalt 1/2 tspBlack Pepper 1/2 tspChili sauce 1 tspCorn flour 1 tspMrinate the chicken with above ingredients for 1/2 hourRest IngredientsSpring Onion .... View more

Spicy Chicken Burger

Ingredients for pattiesChicken mince 250 gramsOnion paste 2-3 tbspSalt 1 tsp to tasteWhite Pepper 1tsp to tasteMustard powder 1/2 tspLemon 1 tbspCorn flour 1tbspMilk 2-3 tbspTabasco Sauce 1tspIngredients for Tempura BatterFlour 1¼ cupBaki .... View more

Potato Croquettes

IngredientsPotato 1 kg(boiled ,peeled and chopped)Egg yolks 2Cream 2 tbspEggs 2 lightly beatenBreadcrumbs 1½ cupsSpring onion 1 fine choppedSalt 1 tsp(to taste)White pepper 1/2 tspBlack pepper 1 tspAjino moto 1tspPaprika powder 1/2 tspPla .... View more

Chicken Corn Soup

IngredientsChicken Breast 1 boiled choppedCorn 3-4 tbsp choppedSalt 1 tsp to taseteWhite Pepper 1/2 tspBlack Pepper 1/4 tspSugar 1½Corn soup powder(Knor) 2/3tbspVinegar 2tbspCorn flour 3/4 tbsp(Dissolved in stock)Stock 5-6 cupsSesame oil .... View more

Fried Chicken Nuggets

IngredientsChicken cubes 1/2 kgSalt 1 tspRed chilli 1/2 tspMustard powdeer 1/2 tspWhite pepper 1/4 tspLemon juices 1 tbspWorcester sauce 1 tbspMarinate the chicken with above mentioned ingredients and rest it for 1 hour.Ingredients for BatterFlour 1 .... View more

Club Sandwitch

Ingredients FillingsChicken Breast 2Salt 1/2 tspBlack pepper 1/2 tspLemon juice 1 tbspTabasco sauce 1 tbspWater 1 cupBoil the fillets with all ingredients until the chicken tender and let it cool then chop.Mayonnaise 4-5 tbspCream  4tbspSal .... View more

Mango (Amba ) Salad

IngredientMango 2 (cut into cubes)Lettuce 1 cupAlmond roasted 1/2 cup(cut into two pieces fry in 1 tbsp of butter)Salt 1/2 tspWhite pepper 1tspBlack pepper 1/2 tspSugar 1 tbsp(grounded)Cream 1/2 cupMayonnaise 1/2 cupParsely 1 tbsp(chopped)Chicken 1 .... View more

Mexican Chilli Chicken

IngredientsChicken 1 kg(cut 6-8 pieces)Tomato paste 1/2 cupOil 3-4 tbspSoya sauce 2-3 tbspGarlic paste 1½ tspLemon juice 2-3 tbspSalt 1 tsp(to taste)Paprika 1 tspMustard paste 1 tspRed chilli 1½ tspPreparationMarinate chicken w .... View more

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