Mirpur, known as "Little England", is a district of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. Mirpur city is about 50 km from Jhelum and 150 km from Rawalpindi / Islamabad. A significant population from the district moved to the United Kingdom late 1950s and in early 1960s. 70% of the British Pakistanis are Mirpuris.

In late 1950s and in early 1960s Pakistani Government built a huge hydro-electric dam, Mangla Dam, on the Jhelum River close to Mirpur city. Contract to build dam was given to an English firm, Binnie & Partners of London. It meant that more than 100,000 people had to leave their homes, because city was going to submerge in rising water level of Mangla Lake. British government needed workers at the time, and decided to give many of the Mirpur evictees permits to work in factories in England.

Mirpur city, also some time referred as New Mirpur, was re-developed in late sixties on the banks of Mangla lake. The remains of the old city (old Mirpur) are under the waters of the Mangla Lake. Mirpur district is partly mountainous area and partly plain area, it has hot and dry climate, geographical conditions closely like northern Punjab cities of Jhelum and Rawalpindi.

New Mirpur is very developed and well planned with the modern design buildings and villas. It is mainly because of significant investment by expatriates now living abroad. The city has a number of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and all other facilities.

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