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Karachi is the capital of the Sindh province, and the largest city in Pakistan, 6th largest in the world. In Pakistan it is known as the City of Lights for its liveliness and the City of The Quaid, for not only being both the birth and death place of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan but also his home after 1947.

To the Arabs it was known as Debal (Daybul or Dibal) with history traced back to the 1st century AD. Muhammad bin Qasim conquered the area during Umayyad Caliphat, this it is also known as "Bab-ul-Islam" (The gateway to Islam) in South Asia.

Karachi is also the largest sea port, the financial and commercial capital of Pakistan. Karachi is the city which never sleeps, home to Pakistan's important cultural institutions and has rich collection of buildings of varied architectural styles. It is the most educated city of Pakistan, with the highest literacy rate in the country. The city is well connected with rest of the Pakistan with motorways, railway and air. The Jinnah International Airport is the main Karachi airport.

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Visit top-rated and must-see tourist attractions in karachi and area around. Read visitor reviews and choose the best place to visit first from list of 9. All tourist attractions can be found easily on the map with their location mapped on google maps.

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Find a place to stay in karachi and surrounding areas. We have list of 0 budget hotels from 5 star luxury ones to best suite your budget. Every hotel address is accuratly marked on map and guest reviews to help you choose best place to stay during your trip.

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Are you looking for the best restaurant to eat in karachi or nearby towns? Choose a place to dine out today from list of 155 restaurants. Every restaurant is easy to locate being marked correctly on map and visitor reviews to help choose the best one.

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Education is really important step in the life, but how to choose the best school, college or university in your area? Browse all HEC chartered universities, degree awarding institutes, their recognized sub-campuses and affiliated colleges in karachi from list of 206.

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View detailed election results of all constituencies in karachi district. There are total 29 members of parliment (MNA and MPA) from this area. Explore detailed election results and by-elections, if any held since the last general election, in the district.

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Pakistan Post Office is providing postal services in every corner of the country through a network of around 13,000 post offices. There are 59 post office branches in karachi. Find all branches in the area, along with their address and postal codes.

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