Modi and Pakistan
By Admin on May 20, 2018

Modi and Pakistan

In December 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Lahore to wish Nawaz Sharif on his birthday. To some it was quite bold step to restore peace process between Pakistan but in Pakistan it was seen very suspeciusly. It appeared as personal relations of corrupt sharif family who Modi came to honour instead of state relation. As the new year 2016 commenced it proved Modi a narrow minded Hindu nationalist who has "a sweet tongue, but a hand ready to stab in the back".


Pathankot airbase attack - January 02, 2016


As soon as he got back he started executing his evil plan to isolate Pakistan over terrorism. On 2 January 2016 Pathankot drama started. It was propogated as terrorist attack by a armed group. To get the real insight into drama see what Indian Pujab Police said on first day of attack and how the changed the story later. Also see how the security forces closed the nearby markets on the evening day before atttack. How funny it is that a terrorist called someone in Bahawalpur in Pakistan using the SP’s stolen mobile phone. Even a tom and dick will know to obcure his identity. Blaming Pakistan, New Delhi withdrew from peace talks and launched a diplomatic offensive to isolate Pakistan for the rest of year.


Arrest of Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav - March 03 2016


Altough Pakistan has strong evidence of indian spy agency RAW involvement in Balochistan insurgency, but Modi government got mad. He started to play at front foot using Afghanistan and Iranian front. India openly funds and supports the terrorist in Balochistan. Brahamdagh Bugti openly admitted in a tv interview that he takes funds from India, Afghanistan, and Iran to use for terrorism in Baluchistan. Now according to some reportes India is ready to issue Indian passport to exiled Baloch terrorist Brahumdagh Bugti. Wikileaks cables indicate that the British intelligence "strongly believes" New Delhi supports the Baloch insurgency in Pakistan. Wright-Neville writes that outside Pakistan, some Western observers also believe that India secretly funds the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA).

On 3 March 2016, Kulbhushan Yadav was arrested over illegal entry into Pakistan via Iran. He was a serving officer in the Indian Navy and commissioned to the Indian intelligence agency RAW. He was involved in subversive activities in Balochistan and Karachi and was in contact with Baloch separatists and terrorists fueling sectarian violence in the province and the country.


The death of Burhan Wani and Kashmir Unrest - July 08, 2016


Burhan Wani was killed in an encounter with the Indian security forces on 8 July 2016. He was very popular among the Kashmiris due to his activity on social media. He had issued many photos and videos on social media against Indian rule in Kashmir after his brother was killed in cold blood in front of his eyes. His body wrapped in the flag of Pakistan, and a large crowd attended his funeral on 9 July. After the news of his death spread, violent protests erupted in some areas of Kashmir Valley. This infuriated Modi and full scale diplomatic row erupted between Pakistan. Kashmir was shutdown for many months to come and cross border firing between the two countries brought detahs on both sides.


Uri attack - September 18, 2016


Now when India need something to talk  in UN General assembly session in coming days, they needed something big to divert attention on Kashmir issue. So there came an attack of Uri in the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir. It was reported as "the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in two decades.


Surgical Strikes September 29, 2016


11 days after the attack, the Indian Army claimed to have conducted Surgical Strikes against Pakistan. Pakistan rejected the claim of a surgical strike, ISPR spokesman Asim Bajwa termed the "surgical strike" claim an "illusion being deliberately generated by India to create false effects" and a "fabrication of the truth".


Postponement of SAARC summit - November 15–16, 2016

Timing of Uri attack could not be orchestrated better then this, just when UN General Assembly annual session was about to start and Pakistan was going to host SAARC summit. India not only tried to divert attention on Kashmir issue but also cancelled its participation in the 19th SAARC summit, maligning Pakistan and accusing for the attack.



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