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Mera Watan is all about Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful country of the world. All four seasons with their extreme, to all types of landscapes you can think of. You will find high mountain valleys, stunning glaciers, ice blue lakes and beautiful waterfalls in north of the Pakistan, deserts in south and south East of the country, lush green agricultural fields and gushing rivers in central plain region, golden beaches and blue sea in west.

Being said all above, maps and location these places are not easily available on internet. Even if you know the name of some place, Pakistan addresses are not pointed accurately on maps. We came with idea to have dedicated searchable database specifically for Pakistan, where you can find everything around a your destination city, categorized according to your interest and marked on the map. Additionally, visitor's reviews will help you make up your mind for a day out or relaxed holidays.

We built this website with passion of patriotism and information purposes only. If you want to contact us regarding anything related to this website please do not hesitate to fill the contact us form.

We constantly keep improving the user experience, sometime with the help of community members local to the area. If see some place missing around your city you can simply fill the form to contribute.

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