Balochistan Assembly

The Provincial Assembly of Balochistan is one of the four provincial assemblies of Pakistan. The Balochistan assembly is the unicameral (single chamber) legislature of the province of Balochistan. It was set up by Article 106 of the Constitution of the Pakistan

There are 51 constituencies in Balochistan Assembly where elections were held. View detailed election result of every election held in each constituency.

PB-1 Quetta ITahir Mehmood Khan Pakistan Muslim League (N)
PB-2 Quetta IISyed Muhammad Raza Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Pakistan
PB-3 Quetta IIINawab Muhammad Ayaz Khan Jogzai Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
PB-4 Quetta IVRaza Muhammad Barrech Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
PB-5 Quetta VNasrullah Khan Zaray Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
PB-6 Quetta VIHaji Syed Abdul Wahid AghaJamiat Ulama-e-Islam Nazryati Pakistan
PB-7 ZiaratKhalil ur Rehman Dumar Jamiat Ulam-e-Islam Pakistan
PB-8 Pishin IAgha Syed Liaqat Ali Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
PB-9 Pishin IIAbdul Malik Jamiat Ulam-e-Islam Pakistan
PB-10 Pishin IIISardar Ghulam Mutafa Khan Tareen Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
PB-11 Killa Abdullah IDr Hamid Khan Achakzai Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
PB-12 Killa Abdullah IIZmarak Khan Awami National Party
PB-13 Killa Abdullah IIIAbdul Majeed Khan Achakzai Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
PB-14 Loralai ISardar Dur Mohammad Nasar Pakistan Muslim League (N)
PB-15 MusakhailMaazullah Musakhel Jamiat Ulam-e-Islam Pakistan
PB-16 Loralai IIObaidullah Jan Alias Babat Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
PB-17 BarkhanSardar Abdul Rehman Khetran Jamiat Ulam-e-Islam Pakistan
PB-18 Sherani / ZhobGulab Khan Jamiat Ulam-e-Islam Pakistan
PB-19 ZhobJaffar Khan Mandokhail Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
PB-20 Killa SaifullahMolana Abdul Wasay Jamiat Ulam-e-Islam Pakistan
PB-21 SibiMir Sarfaraz ChakarIndependent
PB-22 Harnai / SibiAbdul Raheem Ziaratwal Advocate Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
PB-23 KohluNawabzada Jangez Khan Marri Pakistan Muslim League (N)
PB-24 Dera BugtiSarfaraz Ahmed BugtiIndependent
PB-25 Jaffarabad IMir Jan Muhammad Khan Jamali Pakistan Muslim League (N)
PB-26 Jaffarabad IIRahat Jamali Pakistan Muslim League (N)
PB-27 Jaffarabad IIIMir Izhar Hussain Khoso Pakistan Muslim League (N)
PB-28 Naseer Abad IMir Abdul Majid Abro Jamote Qaumi Movement
PB-29 Naseer Abad IIHaji Muhammad Khan Lehri Pakistan Muslim League (N)
PB-30 Bolan IMeer Mohammad Asim Kurd Geelo Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
PB-31 Bolan IIMir Aamir Khan RindIndependent
PB-32 Jahl MagsiNawab Zada Tariq MagsiIndependent
PB-33 Khuzdar ISardar Sanaullah Zehri Pakistan Muslim League (N)
PB-34 Khuzdar IISardar Mohammad Aslam BezinjoNational Party
PB-35 Khuzdar IIIMohammad Akhtar Mengal Balochistan National Party
PB-36 Kalat IMir Khalid HamayoonNational Party
PB-37 Kalat IIMir Zafarullah Khan ZehriIndependent
PB-38 Mastung / QuettaNawab Mohammad Khan ShahwaniNational Party
PB-39 ChaghiAmanullah Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
PB-40 NoshkiMohammad RahimIndependent
PB-41 AwaranMir Abdul Qudoos Bezinjo Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
PB-42 Panjgoor IRahmat AliNational Party
PB-43 Panjgoor IIHaji Muhammad IslamNational Party
PB-44 Lasbela IPrince Ahmad Ali Pakistan Muslim League (N)
PB-45 Lasbela IIMohammad Saleh BhootaniIndependent
PB-46 KharanAbdul Kareem Nosherwani Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
PB-47 WashukMir Mujeeb Ul Rehman Mohammad HassaniIndependent
PB-48 KechAbdul MalikNational Party
PB-49 Kech IIFateh Muhammad BalochIndependent
PB-50 Kech IIIAkber Askaani Pakistan Muslim League (N)

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